Spring Creek Ranch

On the Spring Creek Ranch, we produce from three registered herds.

We started producing a portion of our bull needs in 2005 when we purchased a set of Angus cows that had the genetics to be efficient and produce in the short grass regions of Texas and Montana. Later, we purchased additional cows from the same source, and these have been the base for our seed stock production model: moderate cows with balanced EPD’s that can produce in our ranching environments.

We introduced the Akaushi breed, which were imported from Japan, into the breeding program in 2009 because of its high carcass merits. These cattle have the ability to grade Prime and High Choice at levels above other breeds, and command a premium as feeders and harvest animals. Since purchasing these genetics we have worked to enhance the performance and phenotypic appeal of these cattle, while maintaining the carcass characteristics that make them unique.

In 2013, we purchased our Registered Hereford genetics from Jack Turner, a well-respected breeder and owner of Turner Brothers Herefords in Oklahoma City. These genetics have been developed with the commercial producer in mind. These maternal genetics have served our ranch well, and we continue to follow the breeding philosophy that is the foundation of these genetics.

For more information, please contact Justin Decker, Ranch Manager, at (620) 750-0581 or via email at


Spring Creek Ranch