Beaverhead Ranch

We place a great emphasis on finding the right type of cattle to fit the environment provided by the Rocky Mountains. In order to ensure the cattle herds thrive, we promote hybrid vigor by using a two-breed cow rotation with purebred Hereford, Black Angus and Charolais bulls.

Calving begins at headquarters in March. Cows and calves graze during the summer in the vast pastures of the Centennial Valley. Preconditioned calves are back at headquarters and ready for the sale barn by October.

Herd health and welfare is a top priority at Beaverhead Ranch. Our cattle and their environments are cared for by dexterous cowboys and farmhands that provide care on the hottest days of summer and the coldest days of winter. Herd management practices are fine-tuned to develop the healthiest herds with minimal human intervention.

For more information about our cattle, please contact Hank Willemsma, Ranch Manager, at (406) 683-5691.

Beaverhead Ranch